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    NHN JAPAN is responsible for business strategy for NHN Group companies in Japan including NHN PLAYART, NHN comico, and NHN Techorus and makes continuous efforts to realize a value of connecting people with society with boundless potential that internet, as a Next Human Network, possesses.

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    As mobile game specialized company, NHN PlayArt has rolled out various games based on its development skills the company had accumulated since 2000 when NHN PlayArt was set up and has been hailed by its Japanese fans as witnessed in the firm fandom they had shown for all Japan-
    launched games including <LINE Disney Tsum Tsum>, <Yokai Watch Puni Puni> and <Compass>.

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    Launching <Comico> in 2013, NHN Comico penetrated into Japanese webtoon market to pioneer the hometown of manga. Now being the representative webtoon platform in Japan, Comico is being serviced in Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and also targets additional users with simplified Chinese and Spanish version.

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    NHN Techorus plays a pivotal role in NHN Japan’s B2B business. It offers effective IT infrastructure services including multi-cloud managed hosting, data science and security one-stop at a reasonable price.

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    NHN SAVAWAY provides various EC solutions including e-commerce platform and shopping mall management system. It tries to step forward as a comprehensive e-commerce company by keeping up with expansion of global e-commerce industry.


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    It covers North America/ European region for NHN. In 2014, it acquired FashionGo. the No.1 online B2B marketplace in the US, and started its global e-commerce
    business in earnest. It currently operates e-commerce, cloud services and entertainment businesses.



    As branches targeting South East Asia, each company is responsible for servicing NHN’s key games such as <Crusader Quest> and <Kingdom Story> and webtoon service <Comico> to South East Asian market.

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    As a company responsible for Taiwan market, it services games and webtoon platform for NHN. <Comico>, a webtoon platform that penetrated into Taiwan market in 2014, has far developed to become Taiwan’s representative webtoon service by offering the webtoons in simplified Chinese with thorough localization strategy.