• logo-pixelcube

    NHN PixelCube is a company specializing in game development and operation. It had garnered continuous success with <Friends Pop>, a 3-match puzzle game, and <Fish Island> in Korea and <LINE Pop> series in Japan.The company is known for possessing unrivaled development and service capability in puzzle game genre.

  • logo-bigfoot

    NHN Bigfoot is well known for its competitive edge in developing SNG and sports games. It is currently servicing <Wooparoo Mountain> and <Wooparoo Land> developed with its proprietary IP, ‘Wooparoo,’ as well as baseball simulation game <Baseball Nine> and soccer simulation game <Football Day>.

  • logo-starfish

    NHN Starfish, formerly ‘Orangecrew’ established in 2011 as mobile game developer, is a game developing company and is responsible for Hangame go-stop game division.


  • logo-nhnpayco

    Established in April, 2017, as Korea’s first simple payment company, there are two main divisions – simple payment (PAYCO) business and advertisement (ACE) – comprising NHN PAYCO. Along with ‘simple payment’ business that enables users to pay simple with fingerprint verification or payment password after registering payment information such as credit card and mobile phone account, the company offers big data-based customized ad platform and mobile security solution.

  • logo-nhnkcp

    NHN Korea Cyber Payment, a KOSDAQ listed company, has been in the forefront of payment market with its internet e-commerce payment service. Living up to its recent outcome of ranking as the top company in open market transaction and company with largest online VAN service market share, it is actively laying out various e-commerce related businesses including payment gateway, on/offline card VAN and mobile/smartphone payment service.


  • logo-nhnbugs

    NHN Bugs, a KOSDAQ listed company, offers digital music streaming and download service via its music portal 'Bugs.' NHN Bugs has 40 million music sources and 10 million FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files, the largest amount as Korean music platform, leading high-quality music market.

  • logo-nhnticket

    NHN Ticketlink is the first Korean company to launch ticket booking service for various sectors – sports, performance and exhibition. Particularly, Ticketlink offers baseball ticket booking for the most number of professional baseball teams. It has been in the forefront of advancing culture industry by establishing standard ticket network system and based on the knowhow the company had accumulated so far, it is operating customer analysis solution as well.

  • logo-nhntraveldoctor

    NHN Doctortour Corporation, which was established as a travel agency specializing in Japan on August 2000, has got limelight by unveiling hot sellers like ‘Owl Travel in Tokyo, Japan’ which departs at night for the first time in South Korea and so on and currently, the corporation is growing into a general travel agency by extending its field into the whole world such as China, Southeast Asia, Europe, South Pacific, America, etc. besides Japan.


  • logo-nhnace

    NHN ACE, as digital marketing company, offers the best performance for its users via big data and advertisement platform. Its main pillars of the businesses are ACE Counter, web/app integrated log analysis service ACE DMP, data management platform ACE Trader, integrated digital advertisement platform Dighty, data integrated management solution. ACE eXchange and Adlib, both advertisement market place service for connecting publisher with advertisement platform.

  • logo-nhnad

    Established in July, 2014, NHN AD is online advertisement agency for digital marketing service. It offers various advertisement products including search ad, display ad, mobile/TV commercial and outdoor advertising and is capable of providing optimal marketing consultation in collaboration with a group of experts carefully chosen based on the characteristics of each campaign. NHN AD has been making endeavors to provide advertisement of next level by directly developing ad solutions (MORE, ADSSOM) and marketing portal (Open Ads).


  • logo-pnp

    PNP Secure, as Korea’s largest database security service company, is possessing the top-notch security solution as verified by its extensive list of more than 20 data base security technology patents. PNP Secure was the world’s first to launch gateway-method database solution called 'DBSAFER A1.0' in 2003 and has been providing various solutions to more than 2500 customers.

  • logo-piolink

    PIOLINK is a company specializing in cloud data center and is focused on guaranteeing top-level availability, performance and security for application while securing quickness and flexibility for data center. Utilizing big data-based integrated security management system (ESM/SOC), the company offers remote and dispatch control customized for each customer group.


  • logo-nhngodo

    NHN Godo is an enterprise responsible for web hosting, domain and marketing related business. ‘Godomall 5,’ a shopping mall set-up solution, enables users to handle the entire shopping mall operation process one-stop from creation, operation to analysis and tuning. NHN Godo is an optimal shopping mall solution that more than 100 thousand online shops rely on. The company is also operating Godo Hosting, presenting a whole new service experience with unlimited traffic, seamless security service and 24-hour operation.

  • logo-nhnwetoo

    Established in 2001 as the first design goods shopping mall, NHN We Too is operating on/offline shopping mall business for design goods/interior/bags/fashion items. The company is operating 1300K and GABANGPOP and has developed its sales/analysis/distribution/management system with its proprietary technology for seamless operation.

  • logo-accommate

    ACCOMMATE is a global cross-border commerce company for selling global and Korean brands at global prime online malls including China. Based on its deep understanding for Chinese market, in particular, it is offering service for shoppers outside of Korea to purchase goods in Korean online market, bridging Korean companies to easily penetrate into global market.


  • logo-edu

    NHN Edu is an educational platform company which services IAMSCHOOL, the no.1 mobile school announcement app in Korea. It provides innovative educational services based on its IT competitiveness including IAMSCHOOL, the app developed to improve educational environment such as information asymmetry and limitation of communication among school, parents and students, IAMTEACHER, a platform for teachers, and IAMCLASS, a platform for private academy.