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Management Policy

Management Policy on Safety and Health

  1. NHN puts safety first in management and business.
  2. NHN shall make efforts to ensure that safety and health-oriented management and performance reach the highest level.
  3. All NHN executives and employees must participate and practice actively in safety and health-oriented management activities to implement the policy.
  4. NHN employees shall identify and evaluate risk factors including unsafe activities and environment in advance and continuously implement preventive and improvement measures.
  5. NHN shall put safety as the top priority when planning/ designing business and during supply, operation and service provision.
  6. Conduct regular safety and health inspections and disclose the results transparently.
  7. NHN follows relevant laws and guidelines to implement the above policy thoroughly and shall establish higher standards, if necessary.


Management Strategy for Safety and Health
  • Vision Creating an environment where employees could enjoy safe and healthy rights anytime, anywhere.
  • Goal Zero industrial accidents for employees and the Company
  • Strategy Safety-oriented management by checking safety and eliminating risk factors periodically
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Organization Chart

Business Owner : CEO Ujin Chung
  • person in general charge of safety and health
  • person in charge of safety and health management
    • Supervisor
    • Supervisor
    • Supervisor
    • Supervisor
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Safety & Health Activities

Play Museum strives to provide a safe and pleasant working environment.
Even during the ‘work-from-home’ period, we continue to reduce risks and maintain the facilities inside and outside our premise.
NHN was evaluated as 'Excellent' in safety during the recent risk assessment according to the Industrial Safety Act.

Risk Assessment
  • We identify harmful and risk factors in the Play Museum and Play Hub work spaces and facilities once a year.
  • We determine risk (high/moderate/low) by estimating and determining the severity (intensity) and probability (frequency) of injury or disease caused by harmful or risk factors.
Risk Reduction Measures
  • In case the risk level was identified as "moderate" or higher in the risk assessment, we take measures to improve sector in order to prevent industrial disasters from occurring.
  • Inform employees of risk improvement measures and share the progress of safety measure obligation
Measures to Prevent Industrial Accidents among Contractors
  • Conduct monthly occupational safety education and quarterly material safety data sheet (MSDS) training
  • Hold quarterly meetings to identify areas for improvement and takes improvement measures
Supplier Safety Inspection
  • Hold weekly/quarterly safety inspections using safety checklist on firefighting/electrical/mechanical equipment of facilities used by the Company
  • Conduct safety check to prevent industrial accidents and minimize damages on the Company
  • Safety and Health Council
    Special Inspection

  • Fire Inspection

  • Facility Operation Inspection (measure thermal image)

  • Safety Improvement
    Measures (install safety

  • Safety Improvement
    Measures (install safety rails)

  • Safety Drill for In-house Partners

  • Employee Evacuation Drill

  • Lifesaving Training

  • Fire Hydrant Training

  • Fire Extinguisher Training

  • CPR and AED Training

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구분 2018 2019 2020
Workers Covered by Occupational Health and Safety 1,066 1,068 1,014
Industrial Accident Victim 0 0 0
Industrial Accident Rate 0% 0% 0%

※ Including the number of dispatched/contracted workers under the control of the company
(including executive officers, regular / contract workers, dispatch workers, interns, and employees of in-house contractors)

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