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View NHN Education in a Glance

On-board Training Welcome to NHN!
Orientation year-round
Introduction (HR, welfare, etc.)
On-Boarding Program year-round
Newcomer 1:1 Mentoring
Experienced Staff Networking Support
Self-growing Training customized training for improvement

Based on the basics learned in the H1, employees get to have more in-depth training through hands-on and discussion during H2.

Competency Training H1
Junior Basic work skill program
Self leadership program
Performance immersion program
Communication improvement program
In-depth Competency Training H2
Junior Program to become more savvy: project planning, data utilization, networking
Understanding oneself to
improve self-leadership
and hands-on course for
work management
Work management for
performance immersion
and self-management
Hands-on program for
conflict resolution and
relationship management
for better networking
When promoted congratulations on your promotion and your new role!
Training for the Promoted Feb - Mar
Senior Passion enhancement program
Principal Career development program
Chief Influence reinforce program
When promoted to a leader when at different position, you behold differently
New team leader training quarterly
New team leader leadership program
In-depth Leadership program TBD
Review/feedback skill
Performance management
Remote leadership
Coaching skill
Interviewer training
Executive workshop TBD
Administration/organization/leadership workshop
When team-building is required getting closer to teammates and enjoying work more
Team building training year-round
Team communication enhancement program
Remote-work design workshop
Team strength finding workshop
Team mind check-up program
When you need a new learning experience time for meeting with experts in various fields
D school program TBD
2021 program (coming soon)

※ To be notified later.

When you want to further improve yourself We support you!
Study year-round
Work-related studying/sharing
(NHN supports expenses for books)
External education year-round
Full support for work-related external education
NHN Competency Training

Competency training is provided through various programs to help trainees when performing work by acquiring the competencies and skills required for each level and position.
It is composed of courses customized for each level, team leaders or for those who have been promoted.
The course aims not only to improve one’s competency and work skills but also to form networks through various networking activities during training.

Technical Training
  • Technical Course for Rookies

    NHN runs a 9-week base camp course for the Rookies to understand the company's development process, experience sound development culture, in order to adapt well to work.
    The Rookies grow exponentially in a short period of time by having to experience the cycle of one service throughout planning/design/development/QA process and improving it through refactoring step by step.

  • Developer Growth Program

    We conduct a technical training course to improve the technical competency of the technical teams and hold seminars with external instructors to share technologies in various fields and the latest trends. We are operating ‘Talk Day’ program for sharing technology application experiences and troubleshooting process in various tasks.


    Under the banner of 'Small Steps Big Difference', NHN has been holding an annual conference since 2018 to share key technologies and experiences of each business division. It is designed to promote communication with external developers through technology.
    Unlike other technology conferences aimed to promote the company's business and technological achievements, it focuses on sharing the know-how of solving problems that developers actually face in the field.

Common Education
Education Course Period Target Method
Ethics Business ethics Oct 20, 2020 All staff Online
Mandatory for
Education to improve awareness of the disabled and sexual harassment prevention Oct & Nov, 2020 All staff Online
Personal information protection education Aug 20, 2020 All staff Online
  • Team Building Workshop

    Team building workshop is operated company-wide on/offline. The workshop aims to encourage vibrant communication and create synergy by inspecting the current situation of the team in the prolonged remote work situation.

Education Performance 2020
Total training hours 10,147
Average training hours (hours/no. of people) 7.4

※ It is calculated by integrating NHN and some affiliates, as it is difficult to separate performance by corporation.
※ Total training hours = Technical education + legal education (mandatory) + external education/study + competency education

Work & Life +

We try to understand the work and life cycle of our employees and provide various services that our employees need.
We want to make the big and small moments of your life better as we walk hand in hand together.

  • Purple Time

    A system that allows employees to adjust the working hours to suit their personal life patterns considering work characteristics, housework and childcare.

  • Wednesday Office

    A system for supporting employees to work regardless of space every Wednesday

  • Short Working Hours
  • Late-night Taxi
  • Bike Parking Lot
  • Business Support Center

    A center that supports employees to focus only on work - from office appliance, parcel delivery to in-house hotlines

  • Working Environment

    Indirect lightings ease fatigue on the eyes and reduces energy use. Ergonomically designed functional chairs for employees ensure comfortable working environment.

  • Office Building Environment
    • Eco-friendly offices designed to reduce energy use and carbon emissions
    • Professional building maintenance staff continuously maintains the building and ensure safety and cleanliness of the building.
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Late Night Restaurant
  • Café
  • Convenience Store
  • Nurse's Office
  • Fitness Center
LIFE & +
  • Vacation

    Various vacation systems such as annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, miscarriages/ stillbirth leave, congratulations and condolences leave, special leave, etc.

  • Refresh Leave

    A system for refreshment leave & vacation allowances: To give promoted employees a chance to rest and recharge

  • Veteran

    A system that supports employees who have worked for 10,20 or 30 years with PAYCO points and special leave

  • Recreation Facilities
Health Support
  • Health Check-up

    General and comprehensive health check-ups every year: Comprehensive check-ups, offered every other year, is not only for the employee himself but also for additional two family members.

  • Accident Insurance

    An accident insurance system that supports various types of medical expenses, and benefits are available to spouses and children as well as the employee himself/herself.

  • 40+

    A system for employees in 40s and above who have met the transition period of their lives which provides not only health check-ups, but also health counseling and work-out program.

  • Pregnancy Support
  • Mother and Child Room
  • Joint Workplace Daycare
Family Support
  • WE! Family

    A special day for inviting parents and children to the office to show where the employee works. There are fun programs to participate and experience company culture, and make good memories.

  • Children's Admission Gift
General Support
  • Congratulations and Condolences
  • Loan
  • Holiday Gift
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Key Employment Index
2018 2019 2020
Total Employee No. 942 947 1,013
Gender Male 632 627 678
Female 310 320 335
Female Ratio 32.9% 33.8% 33.1%
Age Under 20’s 130 193 201
30’s 531 503 521
40’s 270 244 282
50’s and up 11 7 9
New Hire total 295 172 253
Male 187 100 173
Female 108 72 80
Turnovers 118 137 155

※ All turnover is limited to voluntary turnover.

A good company for women to work for
Ratio of female employees to the total workforce
Ratio of female managers
(team leader and above)
Category 2020
No. of female managers 36
No. of total managers 167
Female manager ratio (%) 21.6%

Welfare NHN applies a flexible working system for all employees, and every Wednesday is a ‘work-from-home’ day tailored to each employee’s situation so that he/she could focus more efficiently on work.
NHN strives to ensure non-discriminatory hiring by making it impossible to identify the gender at the time of recruitment from the job application form until the coding test.
The bi-annual evaluation is a multi-faceted evaluation collecting the opinions of various anonymous colleagues for an unbiased assessment. Since 2014, we have held a family invitation event called “We Family!” every May. The event in 2020 has been participated by 1,300 families. The employment retention rate after maternity leave in 2019 and 2020 stands at 100% as we encourage our employees to actively use maternity and parental leave.

Good Friends, A Standard Workplace for the Disabled

Good Friends Good Friends is the first subsidiary-type standard workplace for the disabled in Korea established in Pangyo, Techno Valley in 2016 to help the disabled with stable economic activities and social independence. Good Friends employees with severe developmental disabilities work in the NHN office building with three managers with social welfare qualifications and experience in a non-discriminatory environment.
Employees serve a variety of drinks as baristas at the in-house café, display and organize products at the in-house stores and manage inventory as well.
Good Friends provides a paid training period for employees before hiring to help them adapt and receive hands-on training.
The employees are also supported with regular EAP(Employee Assistance Program) counseling and various leisure activities.

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Certification / Award

2016 2018 2019
Certification for subsidiary-type standard workplace for the disabled (NHN Good Friends) The Minister of Employment and Labor Award at the Asian Women's Index Awards Family-friendly company certification
Certification for subsidiary-type
standard workplace for the disabled
(NHN Good Friends)
The Minister of Employment and
Labor Award at the Asian Women's
Index Awards
Family-friendly company
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