eWallet Service
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PAYCO, being serviced by NHN PAYCO, is becoming a ‘life-friendly platform’ by expanding its eWallet service boundary over payment, finance, coupon, public, and B2B2C solution.
Not only providing payments with direct-contracted merchants, but PAYCO is also providing most kinds of online payments by interlocking payment gateway with credit card payment windows. Plus, by building strategic relationships with VAN(Value Added Network) providers, POS(Point of Sale) providers and Samsung Pay that owns MST technology, PAYCO offers offline payment service with 2 million 700 thousand stores, establishing itself as a widely usable payment platform. Especially, ▲'Campuszone', that installs PAYCO payment infrastructure in college campus ▲'Corporate welfare solution', such as meal ticket, welfare points, etc ▲'PAYCO Order', a mobile-based manless order service is driving an innovative offline payment environment by creating synergy with PAYCO payment. Above these, PAYCO provides various financial services including My Data, banking, card, foreign exchange, loan, insurance and investment service. Furthermore, based on the ‘electronic document box’ function, it is constantly expanding its area of public service such as billing and electronic document wallet service that provides nationwide convenience, realizing ‘PAYCO Life’ in daily life.


On·Offline Integrated E-payment
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NHN KCP operates VAN (value-added network) business that processes payment data information of credit card companies and affiliates through payment gateway and exclusive secured network that supports financial transaction between payment settler and affiliates for seamless online payment on the net.