On·Offline Simple Payment
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PAYCO a simple payment service by NHN PAYCO enables a simple purchase and payment in various online and offline stores by entering ID and 6-digit passcode or fingerprint verification. Thanks to a collaborative relationship PAYCO has established with various market players such as payment gateway companies, offline VAN, POS and credit card company, users may use PAYCO service to make payment not only at online and offline partner stores but also at almost every Korean online markets with PAYCO payment module incorporated payment page. Through strategic partnership it has signed with ‘Samsung Pay’ PAYCO is vying to secure more offline partners with MST payment method. PAYCO is transforming into ‘life-friendly payment platform’ by offering payment service, financial service including remittance, membership, ATM withdrawal/deposit, point transfer, life-friendly services including gift shop, point saving during shopping, customized benefits, magazine.


On·Offline Integrated E-payment
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NHN KCP operates VAN (value-added network) business that processes payment data information of credit card companies and affiliates through payment gateway and exclusive secured network that supports financial transaction between payment settler and affiliates for seamless online payment on the net.