Korea’s No.1 Health Care App for Women
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Pink Diary is official female health care app for Korean Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists developed based on consultation by doctors specializing in OBGY. Using the app, females of childbearing age can record their physical changes and check expected menstruation/ovulation/fertile period. With such a variety of features, it has been ranked top among Korea’s female apps. The app also sells various items that females users are interested in as well as female health care product and baby products at a discounted price via its shopping mall called “Pingda Mall.”


Travel Service
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NHN Doctortour Corporation sells a variety of travel packages ranging from a steady hot seller to a customized travel, a theme travel, a premium travel package, a local pass and tour, an independent car, a rental car, etc. Today, people can easily go on an overseas travel, but they still need reliable information and systematic service from a travel agency. NHN Doctortour Corporation provides customers with travel counselling specialized per country and real travel information that its employees have directly experienced and accumulated by communicating with customers for a long time.