Integrated Cloud Solution
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TOAST is cloud-based technology brand that intensively integrates cutting-edge technology of NHN with its long-accumulated expertise in IT service operation of all domains including Hangame, PAYCO, Bugs, Ticketlink, 1300K and so on. In various areas encompassing IaaS, SaaS and PaaS, TOAST is actively expanding its business by developing and launching multiple cloud solutions that suits the characteristics of each industry. Some of the representative outcome of TOAST are Gamebase, global game platform that supports all features for servicing game such as verification, security, payment and operation tool; NCP (NHN Commerce Platform), cloud-based e-commerce solution; G-TOAST Cloud for public organizations; and Dooray, a business collaboration tool.


Most Simple and Smart Cloud IP Camera
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NHN has successfully established cloud system with watertight security by encrypting every sector that sends video on a real-time and rolled out the most simple and smart IP camera TOAST Cam as an outcome of its expertise in cloud and platform it had accumulated while engaging in various IT services. As a Wi-Fi based camera, anyone can install the cam within 5 minutes by connecting the power and check video wherever and whenever on any device. We are devoted to expand the services that IP camera covers to better our daily lives with advanced data analysis capability.


Files in Your Hands
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TOAST File is a personal cloud service that helps file storage and management. It supports web, mobile apps(AOS/iOS) and software for Windows and provides outstanding features such as account linkage of external web drive services like Google Drive and Dropbox, external memory support including USB and SD memory, and Recommendation tag via image deep learning.


Urban Eco-friendly Data Center
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TCC (TOAST Cloud Center) is eco-friendly cloud data center in urban that had been carefully designed and established in Pangyo, Seongnam-si with NHN’s proprietary technology. It fully meets Tier 3 standard of Uptime Institute’s design guide and with its patented indirect vapor-cooling method, the data center conserves energy as it uses minimum amount of electricity in cooling IT devices. The center boasts high stability and optimal operation efficiency with highly-integrated operation environment designed to use server racks minimally and operating only minimum amount of dedicated workforce on site.